Mas Runner - is an intuitive and easy to use mobile app. Full screen counter makes your workout's progress clear at a glance.

Mas Runner - an app for your workouts

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Mas Runner is an application for people who can't imagine their lives without workouts and fitness. The application allows users to track their activities and be a part of the fitness community.
The client reached out to us with ready-made wireframes. Our task was to offer UI design and help Mas get the right look and feel to meet users' expectations. We also restyled the existing mobile application.

Background story

Mas Runner is an intuitive and easy-to-use website and mobile app. We've redesigned the product with end-users in mind, making dashboards and progress bars clear and visible at a glance.

Scope of work

We chose color palette with contrasting colors – acid green on black background – to emphasize active lifestyle. With simple navigation, workouts are available at hand.

UI/UX design

The target audience of the application is active people that'll use the app on-the-go. Thus, we've created distinguishable, vivid, and bold interface elements.

Target audience

We started with redesign to bring the website and application to a consistent, cohesive style with modern look and feel.

Redesign approach

The main advantages of a mobile application are shown on the homepage

Home page

Coaches page show the user the most important information about coaches and help to choose the most suitable one.

Coaches page

The training page contains a variety of training programs and relevant articles for productive training.

Training page

Program pages are your personal trainer in your pocket. They feature workout routines with a video for each exercise, so users can train with a coach simultaneously.


The target audience is always on-the-go, so mobile version is a must-have for workouts.

Mobile version

The blog contains the most relevant and useful articles on health recommendations and training.


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