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A website's blog and design for shop from scratch
Growing is a website where users can find and read articles on marijuana cultivation. In addition to the blog, the site has a functional online store and a collection of videos dedicated to growing marijuana.
Our client is a savvy marijuana consumer who discovered this product's healing qualities a while ago. Being curious, he started to learn how marijuana can be grown, cultivated, and applied to relieve stress and physical pain.

That's how he came up with a blog that would share educational articles with conscious users who wanted to discover about healing properties of marijuana and find out how to grow it at home.

As the blog evolved, our client decided to add the shop, so users could buy the vetted assortments of marijuana straight on the website without leaving it.

When it came to design of an online shop, we wanted to maintain a personal, warm look and feel. The website had to associate with a friendly blogger that explains things clearly, shares insights, and educates its audience instead of simply sells.
The idea behind Growing blog
Their gardening problems had significantly lessened while the others felt, this inspired me to make the Growing Marijuana Blog…
The challenge for our team was to redesign an existing blog to freshen up the user interface and devise convenient UX. First, we revamped navigation flow and the structure of blog pages. In the UI, we tried to convey the emotions and mood of the future website. We mixed different pictures and color palettes to find the most suitable combination.
Visual Design
Since Growing is a shop that originally started with a blog, we chose a color palette with warm, hushed hues. The coloristics gives a feeling of a place where users don't simply buy products, but get friendly advice as well. The overall aesthetics is minimalistic and clean. It keeps users focused on high-quality content.
HEX #7CA471
HEX #E76943
Our Solution
Shop page
For an online shop, we devised a variety of search filters that make users' searching experience easy and quick.
Product page
We created appealing and convenient product pages that make it easy for users to select and purchase items.

Quality large images, product ratings, the list of purchase options, and a noticeable call to action are key elements of a seamless UX.
To simplify the shopping experience, we came up with ready-made bundles, so users can quickly choose among different amounts of products.

In the cart, we included vivid pictures and descriptions of items to help users quickly check the cart. Finally, we simplified the shopping process with a one-page checkout.

The blog pages include custom articles, including the beginner's guide to marijuana growing. Such pages have their own layouts and are created separately.