User-owned profiles
Follows, comments, reactions
Self-governed communities
Highlighting with tips
Collaborative moderation
Creator subscription
Content/NFT sales
Own token and rules
Serverless public timeline
Remove the need for a centralized host by putting the entire app on IPFS.
Fine-grained permissions
Built-in and dynamic roles to manage your community, like Discord.
User governance
Like Polkadot and Kusama, Subsocial token holders govern the network by participating in on-chain voting.
Community treasury
The Subsocial network owns an on-chain pot of funds for development and promotion of the ecosystem.
Join Discord
Join Discord
Substrate and IPFS are the only required parts of the Subsocial protocol. The other layers are optional but help to improve the overall user experience of apps built on Subsocial.
Q1 2022
✅ Launched parachain.
✅ Updated Subsocial's website.
✅ Improved web app search functionality.
✅ Sub.ID additions and performance improvements.
✅ Distributed crowdloan rewards.
✅ Held community and public sales.
Q2 2022
  • Distribute the rest of the initial tokens (team, investors, treasury, etc.).
  • Release Dotsama Domains v1.0.
  • Rename our webapp.
  • Implement votes/polls on our webapp.
  • Release free transactions pallet.
  • Move all tokens to the parachain.
  • Implement tips/donations on web app
Q3 2022
  • Add staking (collators/accounts/dapps).
  • Create another webapp to showcase Subsocial's possibilities.
  • Improve DevEx (documentation, example apps, etc.)
  • Organize the first hackathon for social dapps.
  • Move storage to Crust Network.
  • Integrate aUSD from Karura